Blessings Abound

Today I was shaken out of a good blue funk by countless reminders that I actually have it pretty damn good.   For one thing, I slept well.  Really well.  For enough hours.  That would almost have been enough to make the day a stellar success, but by some miracle it was almost immediately followed by a real adult conversation that didn’t concern work or children.  O Frabjous Day!

When work finally reared its ugly head, I was fortunate enough to have a day both relatively stress-free and surprisingly interesting.  I got to interact with some of my favorite colleagues and to make suggestions to my team that appeared actually to make their jobs easier.  And I got paid handsomely for it to boot!  Not to mention that working from home meant I could do it in my robe and slippers with no one a bit the wiser.

My college daughter wanted some Mommy time today, so we had a couple of splendid texted conversations at different times.  My son, the inimitable Joe, deigned to exchange a message or two as well, although we’ll do most of our talking when he comes home from boarding school for Christmas.

I had two kinds of leftover soup in the fridge plus veggies to roast, so I didn’t have to torture myself about designing a gourmet supper.    The fact that my husband was working over the supper hour, one child slept through it and the other was busy on a baking project for school tomorrow didn’t keep me from dining with gusto, accompanied by a lovely glass of wine.

The weather is cold and clear outside, but I figured out that I could satisfy a deep-seated instinct by bundling up in a long leather coat and warm gloves and pacing the sidewalk while I talked on the phone.  There are advantages to living in a neighborhood where no one raises an eyebrow, for sure.  And it was a great conversation.  Thank you cellphone, thank you thrift store (for the coat) and thank you comfortable shoes!

I had a challenging day yesterday, so today’s flood of blessings felt wonderful and healing.  I really enjoyed being in my little house, warm and cosy in the chilly day.  I couldn’t help but think about the times—not so long ago as I think about it—when it wasn’t certain that I would be able to keep it.  Through all the ups and downs since I bought it, I haven’t stopped planning to fix it up and restore it.  I’m really looking forward to those projects still…no matter what kind of day I’m having.  In fact, tomorrow I’ll be meeting with the electrician to get the garage rewired.  Step #1 of many!

This day is drawing to a close now, and all the urgency is over.  Soon I’ll make the coffee for the morning, snuggle up in a flannel nightgown, turn on some music and fall asleep for another long night.  I don’t have a single thing to complain about, all my needs are met, and the myriad shortcomings of my fellow man can be forgiven very easily.    Today I was lucky enough to connect with many of the people who are kind and loving enough to forgive mine and to go out of their way to make me feel loved.  That is the very greatest blessing of this day, and perhaps of all the days, when I am wise enough to keep my eyes wide open to see it.

©Mary Braden 2013

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